Youth Programs

It's never too late to join our Youth Bowling Council at Galaxy Lanes. We began participating in YBC over 50 years ago. Our program offers kids a great way to meet new friends, build confidence and get involved in a lifetime activity. Every child gets equal playing time, with no one being left out.

Achievement is rewarded through badges and an end of season banquet. There are opportunities for the young bowlers to compete in several tournaments throughout the year such as the Family Twosome Tournaments, Four Steps to Stardom Tournaments, and the High-Low Doubles. Travel to out of town tournaments is also a possibility when they qualify.

Winning isn’t all that these youngsters are encouraged to do though. Inside Galaxy Lanes’ YBC program, friendly competition and social development are the key elements to success. The social setting that YBC provides is a great outlet for kids outside of the educational system’s walls. A child’s self-confidence and team-building skills always increase after a season of YBC at Galaxy Lanes. There’s never anyone riding the bench in bowling – every child gets to bowl their own game as part of the team.