Our Leagues

Want to bowl in a league?

Bowling in a league is the pinnicale of the bowling experience. There are many varieties of leagues. Leagues consist of bowlers of all ages and calibers, and run in a variety of different formats. Some leagues play for cash, with money distributed at the end of the season, while some play on a strictly social basis. We are sure at Galaxy Lanes that we have a bowling league that's just right for you. It doesn't matter what you abilities are as almost all bowling leagues are run on a handicapped basis. This means that everyone is equalized through bowling's unique handicapping system. That means you'll be able to contribute to your team's progress right from day one!

Interested in joining a league. Below are some of the leagues we have to offer. Call the bowling centre at 807-577-6222 to speak with one of our staff members for some information regarding any of these leagues.

Sunday Majors – 5 pin MorningCNR – Wed 5 pin
Monday T.Bay Media Distributors 5 PinNova Pro - 10 pin Thursday Nights- 474-0863
Monday Night Mixed – 5 pinSt Dominic’s Thursday 5 pin
Tuesday Afternoon Ladies – 5 pinTriple B’s Thursday 5 pin
Tuesday Majors – 5 pin NightThursday Mixed Nights 10-pin
Wednesday Morning Coffee LeagueRural 60’s
55 Plus Club– 5 pin Wed AfternoonAlley Cats – 5 pin Ladies
Bombardier Wed Night – 5 and 10 pinGalaxy Gals - 5 pin